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Travelling Abroad with your Vehicle

It's really important that you check the requirements of the country you will be travelling to BEFORE you travel. The following links are useful for identifying what those requirements are. Remember to check countries you might 'pass through' as well as your destination country.





Always keep this to hand when travelling as you could be asked to produce it at any stage of your journey. Documents should include your driving licence (photo card and paper part), insurance documents (travel and vehicle) your EHIC details, your passport, any relevant international driving permits and your V5c.

Accident or Emergency

You can call the emergency number 112 in any EU country in case of accident or emergency.

Legal Requirements

The legal requirements for travel in France have been inceased since 2012. Motorists are now required to carry a self-test breathalyser, high visibility jackets for both driver and front passenger (these must be accessible from both driver and front passenger seats), a warning triangle is compulsory as is a comprehensive first aid kit. You must also adjust your headlights so that the beam (when dipped) does not dazzle oncoming drivers.

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