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General Maintenance

There is a certain amount of routine maintenance that you can undertake yourself. As a vehicle owner, it is important that you do what you can to keep your vehicle funcitoning well andkeep yourself as safe as you can.

Tyre Pressures and General Condition

Check your tyre pressures regularly. Use your car handbook to find the correct pressure and if you need help inflating the tyres, most petrol station staff are very happy to advise. Check for obvious damage to the tyre such as cuts and any significant wear of the tread indicates the tyre should be checked for safety and legality. Don't forget to inspect the spare tyre too.

Oil Levels

Use the dipstick to check the oil levels regularly, especially if you're thinking of making a long journey. If your car is consuming a lot of oil, probably best to bring it in for an engine checkup.


Check the coolant levels WHEN THE ENGINE IS COLD and top up as necessary. Get the antifreeze levels checked before the onset of winter, we can offer a Winter Health Check for your vehicle.


Windscreen Wipers and Lights

Check your windscreen wipers are intact and the rubber hasn't perished and when starting your car on icy mornings, wait until the windscreen has defrosted BEFORE using the wipers. It's a good idea to check that all your vehicle lights are working, especially at the end of summer when the darker evenings start to draw in.

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